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Frequently Asked Questions When Placing An Order

What is woven wire cloth?

Woven wire cloth is a mesh fabric made of metal wires. It often comes in a variety of weave types and aperture sizes. Woven wire cloth with large apertures is often used in metallurgy, petrochemical, automotive and other industries for screening solid particles and powder particles. Woven wire cloth with small apertures is often used in petrochemical, automotive, plastic, electronics and other industries for filtering impurities from gases and liquids.

Can you provide samples?

We are glad to provide samples, please tell us your requirements on sample sizes and quantity.

Can you offer material certificates?

We pay close attention to product quality and can offer corresponding material certificate for every batch of products.

Can we visit your factory?

Welcome to our factory, and you can know more about our product quality and production process.

Can you provide woven wire cloth deep processing services?

We supply a wide range of deep processing services including slitting, laser cutting, punching, binding, shaping, spot welding, sintering, end-to-end welding, pleating, injection molding, custom design, etc.

What kind of surface treatment can be made on woven wire cloth?

Spraying, electroplating and other methods can be used to achieve woven wire cloth epoxy coating, PTFE coating, blackening, tinned copper and galvanized copper surface treatments.

How to ensure your product quality?

Our production and quality control systems are in compliance with international and industry standards. We have obtained ISO 9001-2015 certificate. We carry out a series of inspections from raw material purchase, process to final products to ensure the quality of products is effectively controlled and guaranteed.

Can we have a discount when placing an order?

Our discount varies as order quality varies. The larger the order, the bigger the discount we can offer. If your are interested in our discount scheme, our sales representatives are glad to have a detailed communication with you.