Boedon, Weaving for Sieving & Filtering

Quality Control

Quality Control Management Systems

At Boedon, we have obtained ISO 9001 certificate and established a complete set of quality control systems. From raw material purchasing to final product delivery, our professional QC inspectors use advanced testing devices to implement strict inspections on our products to ensure our customers can always receive the highest quality products.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certificate

Standardized Production

Boedon strives to provide our customers with high quality products, fast lead times and excellent customer services. All products are produced in line with international standards. Besides, we have passed ISO 9001 quality certification.

ASTM certification logo
  • ASTM E2016 Standard Specification for Industrial Woven Wire Cloth
  • ASTM E2814 Standard Guide for Industrial Woven Wire Filter Cloth
ISO certification logo
  • ISO 9044 Industrial woven wire cloth – Technical requirements and tests
  • ISO 4783-1 Industrial wire screens and woven wire cloth – Guide to the choice of aperture size and wire diameter combinations

7 Quality Management Systems

Raw Material

Our quality control system begins with carefully selected raw materials from reliable suppliers. We perform thorough test and analysis to ensure our materials meet our strict standards on quality and performance.

A raw material quality inspection certificate issued by the factory

Factory raw material inspection certificate

A raw material inspection certificate issued by a third testing party

Raw material SGS test report

The worker holds a tester to test the chemical composition of raw materials.

Raw material inspection

Key Parameter Management During Production

During the production, our skilled technicians often carry out inspection and testing to ensure our woven wire cloth meets all necessary specification requirements including tensile strength, dimensional accuracy and uniformity. Besides, we also perform visual inspection to check if there are any defects or inconsistencies.

Our technician is checking the operation conditions of the weaving machine.

Equipment inspection

The worker is checking the flatness of woven mesh during production.

Flatness inspection in-production

2 QC inspectors are checking the wire diameter on the computer.

Wire diameter inspection in-production


Our warehouse is divided into raw material storage area and finished product storage area. Labeled finished products help warehouse keeper find them quickly and we have large stocks to meet the needs of urgent orders.

Many copper wires to be treated are placed on the desk.

Raw material storage area

Finished products are placed on the ground or on orange shelves.

Finished product storage area

Vertically placed finished products are affixed with labels.

Finished product label


Generally, woven wire mesh products are packed with plastic films. For products with special uses, we will pack the products with kraft paper to prevent goods damage during transportation.

The worker is packing the woven mesh with kraft paper.

Woven cloth outer package

Many woven cloth rolls are packed in a wooden case.

Woven cloth wooden case package

Woven cloth is packed with a plastic bag and placed on the pallet.

Woven cloth pallet package

QC System

Our QC system is provided with advanced testing devices, skillful operators and strict QC technical assessors.

The QC inspector is checking the warp and weft density of woven cloth.

QC system warp & weft density tester

The QC inspector is checking the length of woven cloth.

QC system roller length meter

The QC inspector is checking the width of woven cloth.

QC system flexible rule

The tester is used to check the opening size and uniformity of  sample.

QC system sampling tester

The tensile tester is used to test the tensile strength of woven mesh.

QC system tensile tester

Transportation System

We cooperate with reliable forwarding agents to ensure our woven wire cloth products can be delivered in a safe and efficient manner. We pay close attention to the logistic information of every batch of cargo, trace our customers and confirm their satisfaction.

The forklift is placing the goods on the trailer.

Forklift loading

Goods are packed in wooden cases and orderly placed on the semitrailer.

Semitrailer transportation

Goods are packed in wooden cases and orderly placed inside the cargo van.

Cargo van transportation

After-Sales Service

We have sound customer service and support in terms of woven wire cloth products sales. We will pay return visits to our customers and solve all problems quickly.

  • Pay regular return visits to all orders.
  • Help users know the product performance, installation and usage.
  • All customer problems will be answered within 24 hours.
Our service staff is answering the phone.