Woven Wire Cloth Professional Manufacture


Established in the 2000, we are specialized in producing and exporting the woven wire cloth. With the 17 years' experience, we can supply the best quality products for the customers. You can refer to the below article and know more about our company and enterprise missions.

Our company

A workshop with many machines in it.

Our workshops are equipped with the first class automatic equipment.

  • Workshop.
    We have 5 professional workshop in our factory, each one is equipped the professional assembly line, they can operate independently from the material to the package, loading. Each workshop has a leader manager to collect statistics of the production quantity and adjust the production schedule.
  • Warehouse.
    We have large quantity of standard stocks in the warehouse to fit the emergency orders. So, we need the warehouse to stock them. Our warehouse is clear and neat. We have specialized workers to clean the warehouse every day, so the warehouse can keep clean and dust-free. All of the stocks are all been packed and stacked at the appointed position. So we can find the products quickly and easily.
  • Staff.
    A worker is operating the woven wire cloth machine.

    All of our workers are skilled and professional.

    We have more than 500 workers in the workshop and about 60 sales representatives in the office. All of the sales representatives are professional. They know each link of the production; they know all of the materials, specifications, features and applications. Also they are fluently in the speaking English, so they can communicate with the customers without any troubles.

    All of our workers are skilled. They are trained before they operating the machine, they know all of the rules and principles, they can operating the machine in the safe environments. With so many years' experience, the workers know how to operating the machines to improve the working efficiency and reduce the loss.

Our mission

Our mission is quality first, reputation above all.

A spool of stainless steel wire and three rolls of stainless steel woven wire cloth.

The high quality material, skilled producing can assure the quality of the

  • Quality. Our woven wire cloth is better than other factory in every link of the production.
    • Material. All of the materials are purchased from the professional manufactures, so we can ensure the quality is best and the price is cheapest.
    • Producing. We have first class automatic production facilities, and all of our workers are skilled. So we can improve the working efficiency and reduce the production losses.
    • Package. Our products package are strict, especially the stainless steel woven wire cloth. They are packed with the waterproof papers, moisture-proof films, air-cushion films, hard films and wooden cartons. We can assure that all of the products are in a perfect condition when the customers receive.
    • Test. All of the products should be tested before loading. Only the qualified products can be delivered to the customers. We have specialized equipment and professional inspector. We can supply the quality assurance to the customer.
  • Price. To provide our clients with the best possible solution at a price that fits your budget.

    Our customers are from all over the world, so we know the clients' needs and budget constraints. We are the real factory in China, so we know how to cut down the budget and shorten the production period.

  • Customer service. We have more than 60 professional sales representatives on duty by turns, so we can assure you will get the fastest respond and reply.
Four equipment for the woven wire cloth.

We have specialized equipment to test the products.

If you have any other questions or if we can help you in any way, please contact us via woven@wovenwirecloth.org, we are willing to cooperate with you from all over the world.